We are Mirai Visions, a company founded in the city of Toledo, Spain.
We are currently in the development of our first official videogame which we have called Future: 0.
Its founders  and directors are Yul Isidro and Steeven Cordova, two young people from Toledo initiated in the videogame sector and with a strong interest in original narrative.

Our intention is to transmit reading through videogames and to reach the world with original stories that excite and inspire players.

In addition, we would also like to introduce you to our collaborators so that you can see their work and skills.

In the artistic section we have Amanda and Raquel, two young promises of the sector with a great talent in the plastic arts. They are making possible the artistic component of the project, so we invite you to visit their social networks to contemplate their works.

About Amanda:

About Raquel:

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