To what extent would you sacrifice to make it all work out?

Our first project, currently under development, is a visual novel genre videogame.

Don't know what it is?

We explain it with a brief introduction to the concept and two examples of success in this genre of videogame before you enter the world of Future: 0.

visual novel (en español novela visual), also known as sound novel (novela sonora), is an interactive video game genre originating in Japan. 

As can be seen in the image, visual novels are usually characterized by a scenography in which we find one or more characters having a conversation, which is reflected by a dialogue box at the bottom of the scene.
The game is mainly focused on a deeply thought out and intriguing story. Being a game in which the gameplay does not take precedence, it is necessary that the story engages in such a way that the player wants to stay there, as if it were a series or movie.

However, do not think that you are going to be all the time hitting a button to pass the dialogues. In our case and in the case of other visual novels, the player will have to pay attention to the story to collect evidence and be aware of the conversations to realize what is really happening in the story and through these deductions discover the truth.

In addition, at an advanced stage, the game will contain mini-games. But they will not be mini-games that we had to put in just to fill in. They represent an important part of the protagonists, but we can't reveal more so as not to spoil the game.


Synopsis of Future: 0

Future: 0 es una novela visual, un género centrado en la narrativa y guion y que deja un poco más de lado las mecánicas, sin olvidarse completamente de estas. El objetivo es que el jugador quede enganchado en la historia y gracias a esa inmersión, pueda resolver los misterios que se plantean como si él mismo fuera el protagonista.

En Future:0 te pones en la piel de la protagonista, Abril, que es dormida y secuestrada junto a su amigo y otros  3 desconocidos en un búnker. Les cuentan que necesitan gente para una guerra que estaba aconteciendo mientras dormían pero, al no tener tiempo para entrenar a todos, tienen que pasar por una a bloody selection. Throughout this time, Abril wonders several things like why her? Who are these people? Is there really a war going on or are they just psychopaths who want to see people die? And this is not the worst, since after the selection what is to come will be much harder and scarier.

Intriguing narrative that will keep you hooked in every dialogue

A scenario in which you move around, interact with people and find clues to help you discover the truth

A mobile that works as a menu, where you can see the inventory and the characters from Abril's point of view, and a notepad to write down your theories

You have a test above in which you can find out which character you are from Future: 0 based on your personality. Our best way to show you our characters without revealing too much is this quiz. You should know that the description of your result doesn't have to go completely with you. We only want to tell you which character would be closer to you, not that you are identical to him/her, since the description represents that character, not you. When you finish it, click on this button and let us know who you got.    

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